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Employee Spotlight: Brett G.

Employee Spotlight: Brett G.

Meet Brett G., who is an Exercise Planner for MELE. He assists and sometimes leads training exercises for domestic, private, and public organizations.

Prior to joining MELE Brett was a contractor for the United States Capitol Police and earlier in his career he was a Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Brett will be with the MELE team for one year in the late summer of 2024.

“I enjoy working with people of various backgrounds and at MELE I have the opportunity to constantly learn new things,” said Brett. “I also love working in DC. Being in the center of politics and government and its evolution is intriguing.”

Brett also shared that “everyone at MELE is so friendly and willing to help. The people I work with are great.”

“Brett is a key member of our exercise team. He has recently moved up to the lead planner on several events, and with the addition of several new team members recently, he has begun a mentoring role. His wealth of previous experience and unwavering attention to detail and professionalism make him a critical piece of MELE’s ongoing success, “stated Program Manager Ed Baldini.

Brett grew up in Brooklyn, New York and when he’s not working, he really enjoys eating every variety of Haribo Gummy Bears.