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With over 250 employees and offices in Rockville, MD, Washington, D.C., and Albuquerque, NM, MELE is a veteran-owned, minority-owned small business that has been empowering its customers with innovative solutions for more than three decades.

MELE offers technical, engineering, and programmatic support expertise to a host of U.S. federal, state, and local governments, international agencies, and commercial customers. MELE is best known for leading the Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA) known as MELEMAX, which has delivered exceptional service and support for nearly 20 years under the Enterprise Wide Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Support Services (TEPS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) issued by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). MELEMAX has won four consecutive TEPS BPA awards.

The company also has an outstanding past performance history of delivering projects of all sizes for the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, INTERPOL, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and others.

Since 1993, MELE has grown steadily, strategically, and significantly while protecting its smaller, family-run business ideals like attentiveness, transparency, and loyalty. MELE’s continued success is a testament to the teams that have developed and nurtured the company’s large network of loyal customers, trusted partners, and talented people with expertise across scores of disciplines.

The company’s value-driven processes, responsive mindset, vibrant workplace culture, and innovative management approach empower its talented engineers, technicians, project management professionals, and contractor partners to consistently produce outstanding work efficiently and with the utmost integrity.

Mel Chiogioji
CEO/Chairman of the Board

Dr. Chiogioji (RADM USN ret) has more than 45 years of senior management experience in the engineering and research fields. Among his areas of specialization are nuclear and fossil-fueled power; energy efficiency, economics and financing; international energy programs; industrial waste utilization and minimization; and construction management.

He also has extensive experience in systems analysis, operations research and analysis. As a former Federal Senior Executive Service member, Dr. Chiogioji also brings a wealth of knowledge in government projects and program management.

Dr. Chiogioji served thirty-two years in the Navy and Naval Reserve as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer including six years as a Rear Admiral, adding experience in engineering and evaluation of Naval weapons and weapons systems including nuclear weapons. He was the first Reserve Admiral, Naval Construction Force to command an active brigade, 2nd Naval Construction Brigade, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, responsible for crisis response forces for Desert Storm in the Middle East, Somalia, Bosnia and Panama.

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Al Chiogioji

Mr. Chiogioji has 35 years experience in finance and management. As President of MELE Associates, Mr. Chiogioji developed the business plan and financial strategy for the company and directs a professional staff that supports one of the fastest growing technology and consulting firms in the D.C.-Maryland area.

With extensive knowledge, skills and experience in managing investor relations and funding of capital, Mr. Chiogioji helped develop strategic partnerships that ensure the continued growth of the company. As liaison to financial institutions, Mr. Chiogioji manages all financial transactions pertaining to the corporation and client contracts.

In addition to financial planning, analysis, forecasting, budgeting, development of operating budgets, optimizing accounting systems, acquisition, asset management, marketing, overseeing of audits, assessment and management of financial risk, and human resource planning and staffing in a high growth competitive environment, Mr. Chiogioji has formulated the business strategy for MELE, establishing both short and long-range goals that have proven successful as the company expands to meet an ever-growing demand for high quality services.

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MELE Highlights

30 Years of combined Federal, State & Local Government experience

Minority Owned Business

250+ Employees
3 Office Locations

95% personnel
retention rate across contracts

Large pool of scientists & technical subject matter experts

Competitive salary & comprehensive employee benefits package

Extensive partner network (small & large businesses; universities)

Projects throughout the nation and in many countries around the world

Excellent record of
customer evaluations

MELE’s Board of Advisors

Mel Chiogioji

(see above)

Alan Chiogioji

(see above)

Danealia (Deni) Mineta

Lawrence Okinaga

Mr. Okinaga specializes in financial services, corporate, real estate, administrative, and trust law. As a graduate of Georgetown University’s Law Center, Mr. Okinaga provides more than 45 years’ experience in corporate organizations and laws. Mr. Okinaga was selected by his attorney peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America  for Banking and Finance Law (listed since 2005), for Financial Services Regulation Law, and for Litigation and listed as Lawyer of the Year for certain years. Mr. Okinaga is also a Justice Awardee from the American Judicature Society.

Some of Mr. Okinaga’s highlights include:

  • Carlsmith Ball, Law Firm Partner (Honolulu Office)
    specializing in financial services, corporate, real estate,
    administrative, and trust law
  • Graduate of Georgetown University’s Law Center
    and John Carroll Award Honoree
  • American Judiciary Society – former President ”
    and now Chairman; Justice Awardee
  • U.S. Air Force Reserve, Captain (retired)

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

The management systems of MELE Associates, Inc. have been formally assessed by TCB Audit Services, LLC. and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Scope of Registration: Provider of services to the federal government, local agencies, and private sector customers including contract management and providing qualified professionals.