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Mission & Program Support

Mission & Program Support

MELE provides mission and program support services in a broad set of disciplines. With an extensive range of subject matter experts and highly trained technical specialists, we assist with all requirements and respond to evolving needs by providing talented, versatile, and experienced staff as we have demonstrated on multiple federal, state, and local agency contracts.

Using a robust staffing model, we bring in the right people, tools, and processes to plan and execute customers’ missions no matter their size, complexity, or maturity. We integrate sustainable solutions, providing a systematic approach to meet our customer’s long-term goals and mission requirements.

Our mission & program support services include:

    • Program Management
    • Technical & Analytical
    • Communications & Outreach
    • Program Management Plan Development & Management
    • Program Vision, Mission & Objectives Development
    • Program Management Assessments & Action Planning
    • Policy Development & Analysis
    • Project Work Plan Development & Implementation


    • Financial Planning & Budgeting
    • Performance Metrics Defined
    • Instructor-led Training & eLearning
    • Return of Investment Analysis
    • Strategic Initiatives Development & Implementation
    • Risk Management & Analysis
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    • Research & Development

Other MELE Services

Teaming Partnerships

Are you looking for a Teaming Partner? Teaming with other companies, both small and large, is a core MELE strategy. By drawing from the talents, abilities, and past performances of other companies, MELE is able to build strong, smart, and lasting teams to provide for our customer’s needs and deliver superior results.



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    August 20, 2019