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In Loving Memory of Norman Mineta

In Loving Memory of Norman Mineta

Yesterday, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, and MELE Associates, Inc. board member Norman Mineta passed away, at the age of 90, in his home in Edgewater, MD. Mr. Mineta was best known for breaking racial barriers for Asian Americans by first becoming mayor of San Jose, California, then later was the first Asian American to become a federal Cabinet secretary, serving under both Democratic President Bill Clinton and Republican George W. Bush. Mr. Mineta also served for over 20 years as a Board Member to MELE Associates, Inc. and offered valuable insight and support as the company went from fledgling to full grown government contractor.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mineta’s family as they mourn his loss, and we are forever grateful for the time, energy, and dedication he gave to our company and to this country.

Read more about Mr. Mineta’s life here:

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