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Employee Spotlight: Saleha S.

Employee Spotlight: Saleha S.

Meet Saleha S. who is the Office Manager at MELE’s headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. She also provides support to the company’s CTO, performs daily administrative functions, and works closely with the IT Team on building facility operations tasks. Saleha is a member of the social committee where she helps with the planning and organizing of events and activities. She is approaching her 1-year anniversary as a MELE team member.

Prior to joining MELE, Saleha had a diverse career. She was in the wedding and bridal business for 16 years and she also spent more than 10 years in the mortgage banking and finance industry. She is also an entrepreneur—Saleha started a home-based business venture that makes delicious spring rolls with flavors from South East Asia.

“I love working with people and making a meaningful connection. I have new challenges regularly being an office manager—there is never a dull moment. I really enjoy MELE’s collaborative and supportive team environment. There are continuous learning and growth opportunities. MELE is also very family-oriented, and I’m proud to be a part of the MELE family,” shared Saleha.

Mac Del Rosario, MELE’s Systems Administrator, said this about her work at HQ: “Saleha is the silent hero. Working behind the scenes, she meticulously maintains our facility, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone. Saleha’s unwavering dedication often goes unnoticed, but it gives us a sense of coming to work worry free. She makes a crucial contribution to our positive work environment here at headquarters.”

Saleha grew up on the South East Asia island nation of Singapore and she speaks fluent Malay. She and her family moved to the U.S. in the early 1990s. Saleha is a foodie, and she loves to cook. She also enjoys spending time with family, going on nature walks, dancing, playing basketball, travelling, and routing for her football team the New York Giants. She and her husband live in Maryland.