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Al Chiogioji

Al Chiogioji


Al Chiogioji has 35 years of experience in finance and management. As MELE’s President, he is responsible for day-to-day management and operations of the company and oversees the entire workforce, including the development of the company’s goals, policies, and procedures. Al collaborates closely with MELE’s executive team to deliver strategic oversight, leadership, and support across all departments and functions. He also directs and oversees the company’s financial matters and decisions.

While at MELE, Al spearheaded the development of the company’s business plan and financial strategy, including the successful execution of short and long-range organizational goals that have led to smart growth and an ability to consistently meet ever-growing demand for high-quality services. During his tenure, MELE has become one of the fastest growing technology and consulting firms in the D.C.-Maryland area.

Al has also leveraged his extensive investor relations and capital funding experience, knowledge, and skills to build key strategic partnerships that help ensure the company’s financial health and potential for future growth. As liaison to financial institutions, Al manages all financial transactions pertaining to the corporation and client contracts.

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