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  • "It really has been great working with [MELE].  My wife did two years with [a large company] and hated every second of it.  They even have a “Resign” button in their HR portal, so it’s clear you are a number and not a person.  MELE was the exact opposite and [Josh Larson (VP of National Security)] has been more approachable than most people I have met in leadership positions."
    Ken B.MELE Employee
  • "MELE has been a great mission-partner for many years!"
    Lewis M.NNSA
  • "MELE cares, supports, and is family oriented"
    Kathi H.MELE Employee
  • "MELE isn't just a's a team that Makes Excellence Look Easy."
    KBMELE Employee
  • "Throughout the evaluation period Mele delivered hundreds of work products with their well-qualified employeesMele is definitely customer oriented and interaction with Mele is excellent. They strive to have the right people in the right positions. Accounting, billing, and estimating are excellent."
    CPARS Assessment, 12/11/2019Sean Merritt, CO Contract #DE-DT0013157 – For the NNSA Office of Defense Nuclear Security
  • "Couldn’t ask for a more professional, caring, inspiring company.  You Guys Rock The House!"
    Yvonne M.MELE Employee
  • "I look forward to being part of the MELE team always."
    Jewel D-D.MELE Employee
  • "My family and I wanted to extend our thankfulness for having the pleasure of working for just a great company with some very awesome employees, up and down the hierarchy of the company!  Being a MELE employee is absolutely the best experience I’ve had since entering the workforce almost 25 years ago…and THAT is no exaggeration!  I love my job and what I do, MELE corporate employees are second to none, and my co-workers are some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. "
    Sean C.MELE Employee
  • "Working with MELE has been an absolute pleasure. The team and support received during the pandemic was of great value."
    Danielle W.MELE Employee
  • “Great HR staff and very attentive support staff folks. Anytime I have a question about time sheets or travel I get a friendly answer asap. Fantastic company to work as a contractor for!”
    Program AnalystWashington D.C.
  • “Friendly and responsive; good benefits; career enhancing experience; an overall excellent place to work!”
    Senior Program ManagerRockville, MD
  • "... where we successfully collaborated to fulfil this new requirement, working through all the bumps in the road along the way."
    NNSA Contracting Officer, 12/15/2020
  • “My years at MELE were well spent learning and honing my skills. I was given the opportunity to do things professionally I would have never been able to do any other place!”
    Senior EngineerAlbuquerque, NM
  • "Working for MELE is one of those jobs where someone can look forward to going to work each day and truly enjoy what one does to serve this nation in a safety and security civilian setting."
    Sean C.MELE Employee
  • "MELE truly lives up to its roots. It’s the kind of place that fosters academic thinking and top-level performance, but at the same time encourage its employees pause to enjoy the world around them—morning surf and evening sunsets. Mahalo!"
    Yoni H.MELE Employee
  • "I love the family feel we have here at MELE.  The company truly cares about all the employees and is always finding ways to cater to employee needs and help maintain the great work/life balance."
    Dennis L.MELE Employee
  • "MELE's leadership team is among the most responsive I've had the pleasure of working with, and I feel fortunate to be part of the MELE family."
    Ashley C.MELE Employee