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Technical, Analytical & Program Management Support

Technical, Analytical & Program Management Support

Technical & Analytical Services:

MELE’s federal agency teams are comprised of highly educated, diverse, experienced, and globally recognized technical and analytical SMEs, program managers, nuclear nonproliferation analysts, radiological response law enforcement planning and training specialists, policy experts, and radiological technology device specialists. MELE’s teams are ready and able to provide best-in-class technical and analytical support across a host of disciplines.

    • Program Scoping & Management
    • Development of Radiological Security Strategies
    • Development of Sustainability Enabling Tools
    • Development of Protection Strategies for Different Facility Types
    • Innovative Technologies Strategies & Implementation
    • Response Engagements & Coordination with  Law Enforcement
    • Strategic Communications Strategies & Product Development
    • Facilitating Tabletop Exercises, Training & E- learning
    • Workshop Planning & Facilitation
    • Off-Site Source Recovery Program (OSRP) Technical Support
    • Domestic & International Site Protection Implementation Support

Program Management Services:

MELE has a proven track record of consistent program management and support success at federal, state, and local agencies. MELE deploys leading-edge tools, effective communication, collaborative approaches, and efficient, replicable processes to plan and execute a customer’s mission, regardless of its size, complexity, or maturity. MELE integrates sustainable solutions, providing a systematic approach to meet a customer’s long-term goals and mission requirements.

    • Program Management
    • Communications & Outreach
    • Program Vision, Mission, & Objectives Development
    • Performance Metrics Development
    • Financial Management & Budget Support
    • Policy Development & Analysis
    • Program Assessments & Action Planning
    • Risk Management & Analysis
    • Research & Development
    • Return on Investment Analysis
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Program Management Systems
    • Strategic Initiatives Development & Implementation
    • Program/Project Work Plan Development & Implementation
    • Quality Assurance & Control

Other MELE Services

Teaming Partnerships

Are you looking for a Teaming Partner? Teaming with other companies, both small and large, is a core MELE strategy. By drawing from the talents, abilities, and past performances of other companies, MELE is able to build strong, smart, and lasting teams to provide for our customer’s needs and deliver superior results.



    August 20, 2019