Public Safety Detection

MELE provides an automated capability for any school or any other civilian building to detect live gun fire, and based on predetermined protocols, immediately lockdown doors CI_C0036976thus delaying the adversary while automatically notifying Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA) of an active shooter situation with real-time imagery assessment. All data can be delivered to each responder, vehicles, smart phone, school resource officers, data fusion centers, and other designated entities. Zones and alarm contacts can be initiated by various inputs such as panic buttons located in a secure area(s) or automatically triggered by gunshot detection sensors. The system collects and integrates data from multiple sensors and then automatically transmits it to local law enforcement and all relevant monitoring locations. Situational awareness is provided both passively and actively through push notifications.

EASL – Emergency Automatic Structure Lockdown. EASL is built upon a powerful 1GHz ARM Cortex A-8 Processor from TI. The CPU is paired with a custom backplane board to control door locks, alarms, auto dialers and add-on components. Simultaneously, EASL can monitor up to 7 standard EOLR Alarm zones; includes 802.15.4 RF interface for wireless control of peripherals, a general purpose expansion slot with RS-232 and power connections for added sensors, alarm modules and integrated battery backup. A video processor expansion slot to integrate a high resolution video processing card with motion detection, compression, and facial recognition.

  • Nearly 400 school shootings in last decade:
  • Average Duration of Incidence – 10 Min.
  • Average Police Response Time – 12 Min.
  • Most violence occurs before police arrive

The EASL Systems integrates multiple sensors Into a lockdown and notification system that helps to provide a quicker and better informed response. The EASL ‘s five main objectives are to:


Key Components:

  • Automated capability for a school to simultaneously lockdown any and all doors to deter intruders.
  • Notify Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA) of active shooters with real-time video assessment to LLEA computers and smart devices.
  • All functions can be initiated by panic buttons located in secure areas, or
  • A Shot Detection Sensor; a new technology for accurate detection of shots fired indoors.
  • The EASL system collects and integrates data from multiple sensors and transmits the data to
  •   local law enforcement and relevant monitoring locations – as close to real-time as possible.

Unique EASL Attributes: 

  • Actuate door-closing /door-locking devices, turn on sound- or light-based annunciations.
  • Integration of data into a single pool with the same data recipient interface for ALL relevant event data – including imagery – so that correct response decisions are made as quickly as possible.
  • Additional sensors may be integrated to expand capability.
  • EASL is able to passively record and transmit sensor output and imagery.
  • System components have an unobtrusive low profile.

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