Opto Generic Devices (OGD)

Opto Generic Devices developed a breakthrough innovation in Adaptive Motor Controllers that significantly reduces energy consumption, wear and tear, and costs for a wide range of fan unit systems.


Opto Generic Devices, Inc (OGD) manufactures and markets a line of superior performance Rotary Optical Encoders. Encoders are found in machine tools, business machines, robots, elevators, autos, industrials systems, computer peripherals, and fan motor controllers such as HVAC systems.

Billions of electrical motors across the nation comprise 50% of all U.S. electrical consumption. (DOE)

UntitledOGD has developed and patented a unique product and concept that is built upon a new line of encoders using a totally new method of programming: Optical/Graphical Programming & Processing "(OP/GP)" that can be used to directly commutate and control a range of electric motors and machines including AC induction motors-yielding improved performance and significant reductions in cost and energy.

OGD patentedtechnology is used in new motion control solutions and products for the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. We manufacture a new line of Variable Speed Products that Improve Electric Motor Control and Efficiency far superior to other control products.

The first product, The OGD Adaptive Climate Controller (ACC) is designed for use with single phase AC induction motors up to 2 hp and eliminates the need for costly special purpose or inverter duty motors.

This novel product goes well beyond just "Variable Speed". The unit′s system climate sensor provides real time environmental feedback, allowing ordinary AC Single speed motors to operate as a "Programmable, Intelligent, Adaptive Speed Control System". The use of this technology in HVAC systems by schools, hotels, hospitals, assisted care facilities, office buildings, residential homes, and retail businesses, can result in a more comfortable and healthier indoor climate, reduced noise levels, less stress on motors, and significant electrical energy savings.

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