National Security & Intelligence

MELE Security Programs strengthen federal, state and local efforts to prepare for and protect against terrorism or security threats.



National Security & Intelligence
MELE Associates provides support to national security programs for government and commercial clients, including Physical, Personnel, Technical & Operational Security, Counterterrorism, Intelligence Analysis, Counterintelligence and Emergency Management.



Nuclear Security Services
Our Nuclear Security Services Division has the skills and experience to provide technical and policy support relating to a wide-ranging sector of government nuclear-related programs including safeguards, safety and security of nuclear and other radioactive material and related technologies, both domestically and worldwide.



Public Safety Detection
We provide services and quality detection system to deter, detect, delay and respond to schools and other civilian facilities to reduce public shootings.



Radiation Detection Systems & Services
MELE Associates is a leading provider of radiation detection systems and consulting services. We offer products and services to enhance safety and security in military transportation, emergency response and other applications. From devices as small as portable dosimeters to  fully interoperable airport radiation detection systems and protocols.



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