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MELE Associates is a Veteran-owned, minority-owned business
MELE has supported large ongoing Health Information System programs for over 14 years.
MELE's focus is on advanced renewable energy technologies.

picture3 picture4MELE provides support as a subcontractor to Tech 2 Solutions (JV between Sealaska and Tetra Tech) for the NNSA Design, Integration, Construction, Communications and Engineering (DICCE) 2 contract.  The goal of DICCE 2 is to strengthen the capability of foreign governments to deter, detect, and interdict illicit trafficking in nuclear materials across international borders and through the global maritime shipping system.

As a key component of this mission, NSDD works collaboratively with foreign partners to equip official points of entry and other checkpoints with radiation detection equipment and related systems. The Tech 2 Solutions team works to perform the design, on-site construction, and integration of these systems.

MELE supports the Tech 2 Solutions team with overall program management and technical support to tasks and projects within the contract, including:

  • Construction Management
  • Communication systems maintenance & development
  • Program Management & integration
  • Logistics
  • Translation & interpreter services
  • Training
  • Coordination with in-country assets including construction firms, government agencies, and local interpreters to support the tasks.

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