Emergency Response Training & Exercises


MELE + SET = Results:  MELE is proud to lead an experienced and innovative team in support of a range of emergency management training and table top exercise (TTX) events. Our team includes Summit Exercises and Training (SET), a veteran-owned small business whose sole business is Exercises and Training.

Our team is currently engaged in supporting the NNSA Office of Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation and the Office of Radiological Security on response exercises. Our team manages and implements all Silent Thunder exercises as well as Isotope Crossroads, a WMD Transportation Security table top series co-sponsored by NNSA and the FBI. At the Department of State, we support the Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Counter Nuclear Smuggling Unit.

Table Top Exercises (TTX):picture5

Allow site personnel, emergency responders, local community leaders and government entities to work together in a penalty-free environment;

Demonstrates to all participants the complexities of critical incident response for federal, state & local entities;

Is flexible enough to apply to all disciplines, hazards, and elements of  emergency management.

Create & Facilitate Full-Scale Exercises & Workshops:

  •  Crisis management for a multinational audience
  •  Chemical terrorism response
  • “Train the facilitator”
  •  International counterterrorism workshops
  •  Multilateral transportation security exercises

Experience Rolling Out Programs:

  • Homeland Defense Fellowship Capstone at National Defense University
  • Chemical terrorism exercises in across the nation
  • Train the facilitator instruction in multiple countries
  • International WMD counterterrorism workshop in partnership with DOD/SOC
  • Radiological transportation security exercises

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