MELE SeaPort Team QAP

MELE SeaPort Team QAP Description:

MELE’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program ensures cost-effective, efficient compliance with existing SeaPort-e and task order requirements and procedures. Work is planned and implemented according to clearly established and approved requirements set forth in QA plans and procedures, and then audited to ensure that those plans and procedures are followed. Audit reviews then enable discussions with the SeaPort-e client to ensure satisfaction and provide an opportunity to address emerging requirements as well.


Our Quality Assurance Program addresses the planning for technical work and the planning of activities that affect the quality of products and services. It establishes the controls and responsibilities that comply with the following applicable requirements:QA benefits 66P

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are established in coordination with SeaPort-e clients and used for the conduct of project work. SOPs are based on statement of work requirements and any other requirements for compliance.
  • A Quality Assurance officer is established for each major program to monitor and ensure compliance and accuracy throughout the project.
  • Work Plans are prepared for each assignment or task. The plans coordinate requirements with the SeaPort-e client, and detail what is to be done, staffing requirements, and how the work will be performed, as well as defining budgets and schedule constraints. When applicable, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is used.
  • Records management requirements and schedules are established at the beginning of each work assignment to ensure that completed and recoverable documentation exist for all technical, financial and contractual aspects.
  • All deliverables are reviewed internally, often concurrent with the SeaPort-e client, and prior to submittal.
  • All employees are provided the opportunity for ongoing QA and SOP training.

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