University of Hawaii

378_TIPG_LogoGoal:  Technical and Engineering support for the University of Hawaii Telecommunications-Wide and Local Area Networks

Overview:  MELE Associates has provided engineering consulting and technical support to the University of Hawaii Telecommunications and Information Policy Group (TIP-G) to support the State of Hawai‘i Telehealth Access Network (STAN).

The State of Hawai‘i Telehealth Access Network connects 22 Pacific Island jurisdictions over a geographic area of 4.8 million square miles. 

In Hawaii, STAN links:

    • 18 private hospitals
    • University of Hawaii  School of Medicine
    • Department of Public Health
    • University of Hawaii  School of Nursing

STAN provides voice, data, and compressed video teleconferencing over an ATM backbone via ATM, Frame Relay, and ISND telecommunications protocols.

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