Navy NLL

480_navsup_logoGoal:  To support of the Navy's Naval Logistics Library (NLL), e-Business Office and Virtual Bid Room.  MELE provides full life-cycle development and support for Engineering Drawing Module (EDM) of NLL, integrating NLL and JCALS.  MELE was the first contractor to have a JCALS program module successfully functioning  for use by Navy Operational Forces. 

Overview:  Naval Logistics Library is an automated web-enabled procurement and Navy Publications catalog maintenance - requisition resource requiring integration of the NLL with the JCALS Program managed by CSC. MELE and its follow-on partner YFH support the e-Business office and Virtual Bid Room (VBR).

MELE provides full range technical expertise in planning, management, design, development and installation of the EDM—a key component of the NLL and available to vendors via links in the VBR. EDM users include DOD contractors, NAVICP, the Naval Air Technical Data and Service Command, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head.

The web-based Navy Index of Publications is used by fleet to research and prepare orders for Navy Publications and Directives. Sponsors can go online and update the index in real time, providing customers with current information in a timely manner. The redesign of the NLL incorporates all former NUBS processes with added functionality:

  • Full validation of MILSTRIP requisitions, follow-ups and cancellation requests, creates MILSTRIP "response" transactions and transmits back to the customer.
  • Determines correct storage site for validated requisitions and performs logic to determine whether or not Publication can be issued. Converts requisition to MILSTRIP Material Release Order then transmitted to storage site.
  • Processes responses from storage sites and performs the logic necessary to determine if the requisition has been shipped or denied. When denied, the NLL makes the determination as to whether the requisition is backordered or canceled, and notifies the customer via MILSTRIP Supply Status.
  • Provides additional web screens to allow for inventory, due-in reporting and disposal of warehouse stock. Performs the validation on the screens and creates the necessary MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP transactions. Tracks the quantity of stock on hand for warehouse items and collects the demand information for all items.
  • Provides reports for the Publication/Directive Sponsors providing them with increased management capabilities.

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