Navy NCW


Goal:  Teamed with LSInc, MELE Associates supports the Navy Coastal Warfare (NCW) mission to protect strategic port facilities, strategic commercial shipping and naval ships operating within coastal regions, to ensure the uninterrupted flow of cargo and units to the combatant commander, along with protecting critical assets along the littorals of the U.S. and International Ports from terrorist attacks.

MELE and LSInc provide necessary support to key NCW and Riverine field components in the areas of program planning, training, logistic and supply planning and subject matter expertise in the execution of NCW initiatives.

Overview:  MELE provides strategic program management and planning to the NCW in protection and anti-terrorism, small boat program development, and subject matter expertise.

Logistics: MELE provides the NCW management, planning, and support using technical, business, and analytical tools and methodologies, and support for emergent work in the implementation and execution of various NCW missions including:

  • Maintain all logistical automated systems
  • Review and identifying logistical requirements
  • Support basing plan development identifying detailed operational and housing requirements
  • Identify procurement and delivery status of all ordered materials
  • Support and maintain the procurement analysis process and inventory management system
  • Provide warehouse management expertise
  • Assist and support distribution of gear/equipment for training exercises, drills, and troop deployment

Financial Management:  MELE is providing the NCW with operational financial management assistance and support, including providing technical and analytical research assistance with budget reports and data calls, as well as providing support in the development, execution and tracking of the budget.

Maintenance and Material Readiness Support:  MELE provides the NCW with the following material support tasks:

  • Development and support of maintenance of material readiness program.
  • Support of maintenance planning.
  • Analysis of standardization, interoperability and commonality requirements of systems and equipment for optimal support.

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