Navy – USN

474_GI_71261207From America's continental coastline to the furthest reaches of the Pacific, MELE Associates has been working with the Navy to provide research and development, national security support, logistics and inventory management, and a range of IT management.  A number of projects are attached for details about our work with the U.S. Navy.

MELE Associates is a SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract holder in all seven (7) regions covering the entire nation from Maine to Hawaii.  Seaport-e is the Navy's e-platform for acquiring support services across 22 functional areas.

Company CEO/President, Mel Chiogioji served in the Naval Reserve as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer and six years as a Rear Admiral, adding experience in engineering and evaluation of Naval weapons, weapons systems and nuclear weapons. He was the first Reserve Admiral, Naval Construction Force to command an active brigade, 2nd Naval Construction Brigade, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, responsible for crisis response forces for Desert Storm in the Middle East, Somalia, Bosnia and Panama.

Seabee 50PHaving served as member of the 2nd Naval Construction Brigade (CBs orSeabees), Dr. Chiogioji and MELE Associates have proudly and actively supported the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association formed in 1970 to build a monument in Washington, DC to honor those Seabees who had given their lives in the defense of their country, and to create a scholarship fund. Today, the Association's purpose is to provide scholarships for the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Seabees, both past and present, active, reserve, or retired.

Since 1970, the Association, through the generosity of its supporters, has provided approximately 1196 scholarships to Seabee dependents seeking higher education. In addition, both the value and number of scholarships awarded each year has increased over the past years, from $500 to $1,500, and from 6 to 94 scholarships. The SMSA desires to support as many applicants as possible and continuously explores ways of increasing the scholarship fund. As the fund grows, the Association's intention is to increase the value and numer of scholarships awarded. Find out more at

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