399_TSAscreenGoal:  Stand up a robust e-Government Operating Platform.

Overview:  MELE Associates teamed with global e-gov leader Deloitte Consulting to accomplish what is recognized as one of the most rapid and comprehensive e-gov platform build-outs ever undertaken.  MELE Associates provided expert technical staff and support for the development, maintenance and operation of the TSA e-Government Operating Platform. This platform is the information and transaction hub for TSA. It also provides mission-critical operations support for TSA by managing the content in the TSA Employee intranet, the Internet and the Airport Rollout Hub as well as supporting critical software applications necessary to support multiple varied and complex business process.

The e-Government Platform has designed the base architecture and infrastructure using commercial and government best practices, creating a technology environment that is fully consistent with the Enterprise Architecture directives from OMB. MELE provided key staff to the integrated project team including roles in:

    • Overall project management and strategy
    • Database administration and design
    • Application development
    • System architecture
    • Technical architecture
    • Network architecture
    • Information security
    • Configuration management
    • Web development

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