Defense Department – OSD

484_UnitedInMemoryGoal:  A secure IT environment for C3I (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence) IT resources at DOD.

MELE Associates provided OSD/C3I with technical assistance in the design and deployment of secure interoperable networks and messaging services including precision wiring for all systems classifications in 23 SCIFs (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities).

Overview:  The Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I (ASD/C3I), serves as Chief Information Officer for DOD, and is responsible for IT policy, guidelines and procedures. One IT challenge is integrating and operating environmentally appropriate combinations of commercial off-the-shelf IT security tools and utilities, and identifying best practices and training requirements for a secure environment for IT resources.

MELE executed a three-part approach to develop intrusion prevention systems and a secure IT environment.  Expertise included intrusion prevention systems, thin-client configurations for classified networks, and secure IT environments.

Secure IT Environment Investigation

  • Identified and documented shortcomings in C3I IT environmental security.
  • Developed and recommended specific steps to improve the security system.
  • Performed a physical survey in the proposed rooms for cabling.
  • Installed and labeled cabling for new JWICS and SCI-B drops.
  • Furnished and installed several “24” locking wall mount cabinets.
  • Developed technical analysis of domain messaging and enterprise services.
  • Evaluated risks and benefits of scenario-based alternate electronic messaging implementations from multiple perspectives.

Fixed Location Collaboration Center

  • Designed-assembled-documented-installed 4 LAN for each classification level.
  • Developed and documented a server architecture to provide domain services.
  • Provided secure email service on each LAN.
  • Provided management devices and software for the LANs.
  • Provided a metric-based performance/acceptance schedule.

Thin-Client Configurations for Classified Networks

  • Researched the optimal configuration for terminals on a classified network.
  • Deployed and tested selected desktop configuration against success criteria.
  • Acquired and installed selected desktop configuration to test.
  • Planned, acquired, and deployed the selected desktop configuration, tested for approximately 100 users.

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