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jetoutte30Overview:  The MELE Aviation Group (MAG) provides platform (vehicle) solutions for technology. By allowing our customers to allocate their capital towards technology, not platforms, we make it possible for our customers to operate more efficiently. We offer three major components of service:

  • Integration – Work with the client to ensure their equipment will seamlessly merge with the applicable platform.
  • Testing – Provide the management and support for all issues related to the execution of the test period.
  • Operational Fielding - Assist the client at the conclusion of the tests ensuring optimal operational effectiveness to take to the field.

Consider MAG an extension of your business working with you to provide an affordable and completely independent laboratory to conduct research and development, tests, and contingency operations.  Our Integration Engineering Team is comprised of specialized engineers with expertise in:

  • Developing designs, specifications, and drawings
  • Fabricating or procuring integration components
  • Installing payloads in host platforms
  • Integrating payloads with host power, cooling, and associated systems
  • Optimizing antenna performance through configuration and placement

The MAG Integration Team possesses the required technical knowledge in system engineering, aviation mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, radio frequency engineering, security engineering, logistics engineering, and installation and testing. The MAG Integration Team has the depth of experience in designing and planning network and communications in remote theaters of operation.

MAG provides an alternative solution to owning, operating, or locating a test plane. The government test fleet is aging and operating costs are soaring. That means the available aircraft cannot support consumer demand for test purposes. Whether a company is small/large, government/corporate, MAG can provide a solution.

  • We provide the platform
  • We help integrate systems on the platform
  • We fly and maintain the platform

MAG provides an affordable alternative to test airborne communication technologies. The need to attain and disseminate information quickly is increasingly critical to military, security, emergency and commercial operations. The MELE Aviation Group is ready and able to employ, test, and deliver performance opportunities for current and emerging airborne technology.

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