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Department of Labor-Epson Projectors and Installation

MELE was awarded a contract to install Epson projectors for the Department of Labor. The Epson projector is a collaborative whiteboard solution. The projector, BrightLink Pro 1430Wi, integrates the utility of a whiteboard, projector and interactive display and easily connects to video conferencing equipment. It turns any surface into an interactive area on which you can annotate. Remote participants can use their mobile devices2 and write to the digital whiteboard in real time. Share notes easily; save, email or print directly - no PC or software required. Just turn it on and start writing with the pens or your fingers. Need more space? Add pages. It's the simplicity of whiteboarding, modernized for today's workforce....

MELE Awarded Seaport-e Contract

seaport-team-logo-01-water1 copyMELE Associates, Inc. has been selected by The Naval Sea Systems Commandand authorized to perform work for the Seaport-e contract vehicle in all 7 zones across the nation.

SeaPort-e is the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management.  The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized, efficient means of soliciting offers from amongst the diverse population of large and small businesses and their approved team members.  The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, and NAVFAC), the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Marine Corp compete requirements amongst SeaPort-e IDIQ contract holders.

Under Seaport-e, all task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e platform.  The Seaport-e portal connects with an elite group of contractors chosen for their exceptional qualifying factors. MELE and its subcontracting team were selected for their range of experience and expertise in key areas to support task orders.

We are committed to integrating each team member’s assets and leveraging their experiences. Our subcontracting team consists of a mix of both small and large business.  MELE Associates has also teamed with other Seaport-e contract holders, including: Booz Allen, Lockheed Martin, Logistics Support Incorporated, Advanced Vision Planning Systems, Systems Application & Technologies Inc, and more.

For more information, please contact Joshua Larson at (240) 453-6972 or

VSE/Energetics Recognizes MELE Associates Among 2013 Small Business Partners Choice

MELE-VSE-AwardVSE Corporation has recently named its Small Business Partners of Choice for 2013. The annual ceremony honored five small business teaming partners who have made significant contributions to revenue and the overall quality of support to our Federal customers. Nominees were judged on quality, delivery, performance, product support and customer service. "The basis for this recognition has been MELE's strong reputation as a solid government contractor, their competitive pricing, and their outstanding past performance history," said Nancy Margolis, Energetics President. "Mel Chiogioji and his team have established a solid level of mutual trust with Energetics, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership." MELE Associates and Energetics have a shared working history and client base. Over the past two years, Energetics has worked...

MELE Wins Task Order For NNSA’s Office of Nonproliferation and International Security

MELE Associates, Inc. has been awarded a task order under its Technical, Engineering and Programmatic Services Blanket Purchase Agreement. MELE will be providing technical support services to the Department of Energy (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Nonproliferation and International Security (NA-24). NA-24 focuses on maintaining a secure stockpile of nuclear materials and promotes international nuclear safety. Under this task order, MELE will provide technical reviews for the Office of Nuclear Safeguards and Security (NA-241), Office of Nuclear Controls (NA-242) and the Office of Nuclear Verification (NA-243). MELE will aid in the development of new safeguards technologies, and work with international partners on nonproliferation efforts. MELE will also be responsible for determining and implementing nonproliferation policy under this effort. MELE will provide continuous technical expertise and analysis and provide recommendations...

MELE Wins Task Order For DOE’s Office of Policy and International Affairs

logo-03-r2MELE Associates is proud to be awarded a $6 million task order under its Technical, Engineering and Programmatic Services Blanket Purchase Agreement (TEPS BPA) to support the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Policy and International Affairs (PI). PI is the primary policy advisor to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Under Secretary on domestic and international policy development and implementation. The Office of Policy and International Affairs' role is to deliver unbiased advice to the Department of Energy's leadership on existing and prospective energy-related policies, based on integrated and well-founded data and analysis. The Office of Policy and International Affairs has primary responsibility for the Department of Energy's international energy activities including international emergency management, national security, and international cooperation in science...

MELE Wins Task Order For DOE/NNSA BPA

MELE Associates, Inc. has been awarded a task order under its Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Services Blanket Purchase Agreement. MELE will be providing support services to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Office of Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70). NA-70 is responsible for the overall policy direction and assessment of security programs at NNSA facilities. The core mission of NA-70 is to develop and implement security programs that protect, control and secure all facilities for the administration. NA-70 also provides unique knowledge and expertise in nuclear nonproliferation, homeland security and intelligence for a broader set of national security needs. MELE will provide implementation and analytical services to support the mission of NA-70. Such services include rendering expert advice and guidance in support of organizational improvement efforts, facilitating collaborative efforts...

MELE Team Awarded Security Operations Support Contract with NNSA

MELE has been awarded a Technical, Analytical, Advisory and Assistance contract with the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) Office of Infrastructure and Operations, Office of Security Operations. MELE Associates, Inc. and Protection Strategies Inc. are jointly leading this award.  Support for NNSA facilities programs will include:
  • Capital Improvement Program Support
  • Material Control & Accountability (MC&A) Program Implementation Support
  • International Treaties and Arms Control Agreements Program Support
  • Resource Management Support
Under this contract, MELE will direct operations of several security programs, determine the operational budget, and act a liaison between the Office of Security Operations and other NNSA offices and agencies. MELE will provide subject matter expertise and advice on organizational improvement efforts. The value of this contract is $2.8 million, and the period of performance is three years. For more information on this...

MELE Awarded IT Staffing Contract With St. Patrick’s School

MELE Associates, Inc. has been awarded an Information Technology support contract with St. Patrick's School in Rockville, MD.  St. Patrick's School is a Catholic elementary school for grades K-8.  MELE has placed two full-time employees at the school facility to provide the necessary IT tasks. These two full-time employees will work to perform several duties, including:
  • Configuring Chrome book, iPads and laptops.
  • Bringing online virtual servers and configuring them.
  • Operating and managing the Microsoft Exchange environment.
  • Performing assorted duties to improve the infrastructure.
For more information on this project, please contact Ron Colbert at, or by phone at (240) 453-6984....

MELE Awarded Grant Technical Assistance Contract With City & County of Honolulu

MELE Associates, Inc., has been awarded a Grants Technical Assistance contract with the City & County of Honolulu, Hawaii. For this project, MELE will provide grants research and development services for Honolulu's Department of Emergency Management.  Throughout the duration of this project, MELE will increase the City's grant dollar income by $3 million or more.  Some of the tasks under this contract include:
  • Identifying city departments’ base capabilities and areas of improvement
  • Identify applicable grant opportunities and developing grant applications
Under this contract, MELE will conduct gap analyses, grant research, and assist in grant project implementation for the City & County of Honolulu Department of Emergency Management. For more information on this project, please contact Josh Larson at, or by phone at 240-453-6972....

MELE Awarded IT Services Contract For JLN Construction

MELE Associates has been awarded an Information Technology contract with JLN Construction, LLC, in Baltimore, MD.  JLN Construction provides an array of construction services, from program management to design concept and build. The period of performance for this award spans from May 30, 3013 – July 30, 2013. As part of this award, MELE will coordinate the upgrade of JLN’s ISP from a DLS line to a Business Class Dedicated service. This will enable JLN to send and receive large data files in a safe, efficient manner. MELE will replace and upgrade both JLN’s data switch and server to increase their data network traffic. MELE will also research the most effective method of installing a VOIP Telephone System for JLN. For more information on this project, please contact Ron Colbert at,...

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