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Program and Financial Management Support, Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division, UT-Battelle, LLC for DOE/NNSA-Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

MELE is providing support services to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in support of the Office of Nonproliferation and Arms Control (NA-24) program activities in the areas of program, organization, and financial management support. We work with ORNL, NA-24, its contractors, and other national laboratories. Key activities include:
  • Assist reporting entities with monthly cost and commitments submissions
  • Assist budget officer with funding transactions via FinPlan change requests
  • Provide support for creating ad hoc reports and analyzing data
  • Support monthly and yearly financial data reconciliation
  • Provide program management system use training as necessary
  • Assist in the collection of software requirements for program management system
  • Provide functional troubleshooting, and administration of system tables
  • Produce and revise project support documentation as necessary
  • Provide Software Requirements Documents, Quality Assurance Test Plans, Training Documents, and...

Provide Basic Power Unit Technology to the Naval Research Laboratory

MELE upgraded the Naval Research Laboratory with Basic Power Units (BPU) and provided installation, project management, and Quality Control/Quality Assurance. The BPU is an energy management system using an electromagnetic reactor with patent-pending twin toroidal power quality transformer technology. The upgraded units installed at the laboratory will enhance power quality and efficiency and reduce kWh consumption by as much as 11% providing a cost-effective power solution. The BPU will also reduce kW by creating efficiencies within the labs electrical system, and will recycle distorted electrical energy back into usable power.  ...

Analytical and Technical Services for DOE/NNSA, Office of Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70)

MELE was awarded to provide analytical and technical services in support of the mission and functions of the Office of Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70). MELE provides support for this Task Order in the following four categories of work:
  1. Program information systems and technology support.
  2. Security program status, policy, assessment and training support.
  3. Program access administration support.
  4. Classified matter protection and control/classified facility support.

Awarded the JPEO-CBD JE-RDAP for the U.S. Army

As a prime contractor, MELE Associates, Inc. was recently awarded the JPEO-CBD JE-RDAP for the U.S. Army. The Joint Enterprise-Research, Development, Acquisition and Production/Procurement (JE-RDAP) is a 10-year multiple award, enterprise-wide omnibus IDIQ contract vehicle (also referred to as JE-RDAP IDIQ contract). MELE will be providing the Joint Program Executive Office for the Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) with Research, Development, Acquisition, and Production/Procurement (RDAP). More specifically, we will work with the Army on tasks to perform research, development, production/procurement, and fielding of CBRNE defense systems, equipment, and materiel. Point of Contact: Greg Hansen, Sr. VP of MELE Associates, Inc.;; 240.453.6967....

MELE Associates Wins Contract For Chief of Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70)

The MELE Associates’ led MELEMAX Team was recently awarded Technical and Analytical Support Services for the Department of Energy’s (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) for the Office of Defense Nuclear Security (DNS) (NA-70). The DNS is responsible for the overall direction and management of the security program at National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) facilities. DNS serves as the cognizant organization for providing engineering, technical, operational, and administrative security support and oversight to both line management and field elements in order to assure effective security at NNSA facilities, to include the physical, personnel, materials control and accounting, classified and sensitive information protection, and technical security.MELE and our team will be providing security operations and planning support, along with intelligence analysis, resource management,...

Design, Integration, Construction, Communications and Engineering (DICCE) 2 Contract in support of NNSA Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence

MELE was awarded the DICCE 2 contract to support the Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for the Design, Integration, Construction, Communications and Engineering (DICCE) competition. The purpose of this Contract is to strengthen the capability of foreign governments to deter, detect, and interdict illicit trafficking in nuclear and other radioactive materials across international borders and through the global maritime shipping system. As a key component of this mission, Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence (NSDD) works collaboratively with foreign partners to equip official points of entry and other checkpoints with radiation detection equipment and related systems. To assist in accomplishing the NSDD Program mission, the DOE requires experienced contractors to perform the design, on-site construction, and integration of these systems. The scope of this follow-on procurement is...

Department of Labor-Epson Projectors and Installation

MELE was awarded a contract to install Epson projectors for the Department of Labor. The Epson projector is a collaborative whiteboard solution. The projector, BrightLink Pro 1430Wi, integrates the utility of a whiteboard, projector and interactive display and easily connects to video conferencing equipment. It turns any surface into an interactive area on which you can annotate. Remote participants can use their mobile devices2 and write to the digital whiteboard in real time. Share notes easily; save, email or print directly - no PC or software required. Just turn it on and start writing with the pens or your fingers. Need more space? Add pages. It's the simplicity of whiteboarding, modernized for today's workforce....

MELE won Artist and Architecture award-Hawaii and Kona airport

MELE collaborated with KYA Design Group to design and fabricate Art for Mauka Terminal at Honolulu International Airport. MELE will work with world-renowned artist Satoru Abe to create 100 pieces of original art to be placed in the terrazzo flooring of the new Mauka Terminal. MELE will work with the flooring contractor to install the art pieces according to the approved design. Satoru Abe is the last living member of the Metcalf Chateau, a group of seven Asian-American artists with ties to Honolulu. Abe is best known for his sculptures of abstracted natural forms, many of which resemble trees, such as East and West in the collection of the Hawaii State Art Museum. His sculpture work and paintings are regular exhibits at both the Honolulu Museum of Art and the Hawaii...

New LED Lighting to Kaiser Permanente-Honolulu, Hawaii

The MELE Team is proud to have won a proposal to replace and provide new LED lighting Kaiser Permanente Honolulu Medical Center. MELE will work in close collaboration with Kaiser Permanente to provide the shipment of New LED Lighting from start to finish. MELE has been performing work in Hawaii for over 20 years and is familiar with the specific challenges that come with working in an island environment, including limited access, difficult weather conditions, and utilizing tools that were not designed to withstand heat and humidity conditions. MELE CEO, Mel Chiogioji is Hawaii-bred and a registered P.E. in Hawaii. He has commanded a SeaBee Brigade battalion and understands the requirements of engineering for tropical environments and the challenges of microclimates as well....

NA 40/80 Office of Emergency Response

The Department of Energy has adopted an enterprise-wide approach to strengthening its preparedness for and its capability to respond to a broad spectrum of potential emergencies, including those resulting from natural phenomena (e.g., adverse weather, earthquakes) and from human actions (e.g., accidents, sabotage, terrorism). To help support the Department’s new approach, NNSA has recently reorganized the Office of Emergency Operations (NA-40) and the Office of Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation (NA-80). NA-40 will now focus its efforts primarily on building the capacity to respond to all hazards, including a reinvigorated and a reintegrated emergency management governance structure and a new consolidated emergency operations center. MELE Associates staff will provide technical and management support to aid NNSA in continuing to devote priority attention to its unique and continuing responsibility for field deployable nuclear and radiological response assets,...

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