MELE Capabilities

MELE Associates, Inc. (MELE) is a Veteran/Minority Owned Small Business established since 1993 with 100 employees located in Rockville, MD; Washington, D.C.; Denver, CO; and Honolulu, HI.

  • GSA-00 Corp – Professional Services Schedule (PSS-99)
  • GSA-70 – IT Modernization (IT-70)
  • DOE Enterprise-Wide Technical, Engineering & Program Support (TEPS BPA)
  • SeaPort-e – NAVY IDIQ, 22 Functional Areas / All Regions

MELE employs highly qualified personnel including senior management who have served in the federal government, the military, and are registered P.E.s, or Subject Matter Experts. Our core capabilities:

  • Program Management and Technical Support
  • Radiological Security Support Services
  • Emergency Response Exercises & Training (TTX)
  • Intelligence & Cyber Security
  • Alternative Energy & Energy Conservation
  • IT and Network Support
  • Construction Management and Engineering
  • Telehealth & Electronic Health Records

Project 1 – DOE/NNSA Technical, Engineering & Programmatic Services (TEPS) BPA (2007-2017): The DOE/NNSA Technical, Engineering & Programmatic Support BPA runs through 2017, and its predecessor BPA spanned 2007-2012. Since 2007 MELE has led large teams with more than two dozen partners on more than 40 task orders across the DOE/NNSA complex. MELE’s success in execution accounts for its longevity on the BPA.

Project 2 – ORS (2002-2019): The DOE Office of Radiological Security reduces and protects vulnerable radiological and nuclear material at civilian sites worldwide. MELE provides program management and technical expertise for research, Project Management Experts Group, PMP Certification, Office of North & South American Threat Reduction SMEs, Search & Secure Program, and PM support for the U.S. Original Removal Program.

Project 3 – SILENT THUNDER TTX (2015-2018): MELE leads strong team support for emergency management training and table top exercises (TTX s). Along with Summit Exercises and Training (SDVOSB), we currently support NNSA’s Office of Counterterrorism & Counterproliferation and Office of Radiological Security. Other work includes Isotope Crossroads, a WMD Transportation Security TTX series co-sponsored by NNSA and the FBI.

Project 4 – Honolulu Plant for Waste to Energy Recovery (HPOWER) (2008-2013): As CM, MELE supervised demolition and facilities construction at Honolulu’s 28-acre HPOWER plant which processes 1700 tons/day of waste to energy. Oversaw subs to ensure protection, compliance, and facility modifications. Tasked to design and execute site work on bag house foundations and utility interconnects; mobilize construction; install/erect bag houses; demolish/disconnect electrostatic precipitators; test bag houses and certify final compliance.


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