Radiological Security

At thousands of civilian sites around the world, nuclear and radiological materials are used for legitimate and beneficial commercial, medical and research purposes in soft targets such as hospitals and universities with little if any armed security.picture1 picture2

Terrorists or other adversaries could steal these materials for use in an act of radiological terrorism.  The consequences of a Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) or “Dirty Bomb”  include the release of radioactive contamination that could require relocation, prohibit occupation of an area, and cost billions of dollars in economic damage.

MELE provides program management and technical specialist support to the  National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Radiological Security (ORS) MELE to secure radiological materials.  The ORS mission is to enhance global security by preventing high-activity materials from use in acts of terrorism.  ORS achieves its mission through the following strategies:

PROTECT radioactive sources used for vital medical, research, and commercial purposes.

REMOVE and dispose of disused radioactive sources.

REDUCE global reliance on high-activity radioactive sources by promoting the adoption and development of non-radioisotopic alternative technologies.

MELE provides a broad range of support ORS including strategic planning, program management, policy analysis, project management and implementation, development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, strategic communications, technical subject matter expertise, response training and exercises, and e-learning.

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