The MELE Team is comprised of MELE Associates and its specialty divisions:

  • MELE Energy Group - Alternative Energy Research & Development
  • MELE Aviation - Integration, Testing & Operational Fielding
  • Health Information Services - Telehealth Management & VistA

Program and Project Management:
  For all of our service areas - 
National project pie cycleSecurity & Intelligence, Alternative EnergyEngineering and Information Technology- MELE is committed to precision program management to mitigate risk and contain costs by introducing precise measures and parameters in lieu of typical project management assumptions. Precision program management focuses on program management and delivery order execution based on integration as a fundamental criterion for selecting key personnel and resources.

Extensive experience supporting program management projects across the Federal sector has enabled MELE program managers to develop best practices incorporating principles from Federal Directives and Standards, the Performance Institute (PI), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). MELE best practices are applied to:

 Requirements development Quality control & monitoring
 Proposal reviews  Business process improvement
 Contract management  Project management plans
 Strategic planning  Budget reviews
 Return On Investment (ROI)  Deliverable reviews
 Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)  Advisory consultative services
 Business Case Analysis (BCA)  Transition plans
 Sustainment plans  Operational testing

Contractors and government agencies generally employ some version of the five basic steps for managing a project: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring / controlling, and closing. For MELE Associates, "precision management," means that we pay special attention to the monitoring and control process which impacts every aspect of project management, yet is frequently overlooked. Specifically, we focus on the Program Management Institute's (PMI) criteria to:

  • Measure performance to planned measures in the management plan.
  • Measure against the performance measurement baseline.
  • Determine variances.
  • Assess which variances are important and if they warrant change.
  • Recommend warranted changes.

By adhering to these early steps in the monitoring and control process, we have found that we can pinpoint what works and what does not with greater precision and communicate this information to the stakeholders quickly and clearly.  MELE regularly deploys certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and sponsors PMP corporate training to increase its pool of certified PMPs. Precision program management also leverages precise measurement to increase sustainability, planning and oversight while reducing risk with tools such as Earned Value Management Systems (based on EIA-748 ANSI standard), Microsoft Project, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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