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Medical/Psychological Consultant (Washington, DC)

Medical/Psychological Consultant (Washington, D.C.)

The Medical/Psychological Consultant will provide specific medical and/or psychological consultations to IN investigative elements regarding Subject behavioral motivations and intentions, and formulate related interaction strategies in support of highly sensitive investigations that have significant national security implications. This position is contingent upon contract award.

Essential Functions include:

  • Engage in behavioral consulting with other DOE/NNSA elements to ensure that CI-related objectives and values are directly considered or factored into decisions affecting major operational activities, including such matters as adjudicating clearances, promoting sound personnel security practices, insider threats, cyber security violations and incidents, and recognizing emerging threats.
  • Perform evaluations and associated post-evaluation support. This support shall include consulting with medical practitioners, as necessary, and developing written recommendations to facilitate decisions by the Director, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence and/or the Secretary of Energy.
  • Conduct medical and/or psychological interviews and/or assessments of candidates who are under consideration for DOE/NNSA high risk access at HQs and, when applicable, at field sites. The goal of these interviews and assessments shall be to determine the nature of any medical and/or psychological condition(s) that candidates may have which may adversely impact national security and affect decisions regarding high-risk placements.
  • Participate in the development, delivery and updating of educational briefings, seminars, the CI's Insider Threats Program, IN’s "New Directors' Program," and courses established by DOE/NNSA management and CI and/or security personnel regarding a variety of national security-related behavioral issues. These issues vary but would include preventing and detecting espionage; recognizing trust betray motivations; and identifying medical and psychological behavioral issues that could impact access determinations and that may have implications for national security.
  • Participate in developing, advising on, and/or providing content information for deployment in state-of-the-art computerized software applications and/or other assessment instruments used to detect divided loyalties and trust betrayal vulnerabilities, as well as to instill countermeasures that preserve national security.
  • Brief the results of medical and/or psychological assessments to select DOE/NNSA management officials who are responsible for maintaining program security and/or administering access eligibility determinations.
  • Participate and/or testify in administrative hearings/proceedings as an expert witness, when called upon by the DOE to support findings and conclusions from medical and/or psychological consulting engagements, as they may impact DOE/NNSA access eligibility decisions and clearance adjudications. Conduct interviews, behavioral assessments and briefings throughout the DOE complex.
  • Document the psychological "lessons learned" from reviews or inquiries conducted by DOE/NNSA CI personnel or acquired through relevant data sources from other Intelligence and National Security agencies to identify the human behaviors and attitudes that are linked to espionage, terrorism, sabotage, insider trust betrayals, security violations, cyber-related vulnerabilities and infractions, and other matters of CI significance.
  • Provide situational support to senior management initiatives regarding medical / psychological factors impacting CI Insider Threat assessments and/or damage control in such areas as espionage, sabotage, terrorism, unusual behaviors or malicious acts in the information technology arena, and other compelling CI concerns.
  • Provide "outreach" support within DOE/NNSA as well as outside of DOE, including speaking at Personnel Security (PERSEC) conferences, assisting in training for adjudicators, and meeting with private sector or other federal agencies relative to the Insider Threat mission.


  • Doctoral Degree in the field of psychiatry and to hold credentials as a licensed psychiatrist or other licensed physician.
  • 20+ years of direct experience in providing CI and polygraph issue resolution and psychological consultation services, which were performed in a highly sensitive national security operating environment.
  • Extensive knowledge and consulting experience related to identifying and neutralizing national security concerns in a high-risk operating environment.
  • Current Q or TS with SCI Security Clearance.


  • Be a behavioral subject matter expert who will support IN in a variety of collaborative efforts with other agencies to promote state-of-the-art information exchanges that develop new insights regarding emerging vulnerabilities and threats that impact the IN mission, operations, management practices and resource allocations.
  • Be a recognized expert in the IC who can engage in outreach efforts with other IC elements and promote participation in interactive projects that benefit the CI mission and improve relationships with other DOE/NNSA management centers. These activities are on-going, may be iterative and of unpredictable duration, and are difficult to quantify.
  • Have specialized knowledge of both the utility and the limitations of the polygraph as used in a CI screening context.
  • Have specialized knowledge in supporting the development of unique product/program tools for deployment in psychological and assessment venues.
  • Have the ability to develop, author and support specialized counterintelligence-oriented risk assessment material.
  • Possess the ability to conduct presentations and courses that demonstrate strong, recognizable expertise in behavioral dynamics and interpersonal relationships; and that enable recipients to recognize, understand, and mitigate national security-related vulnerabilities and threats associated with foreign intelligence operatives and trust-betraying insiders.
Qualified candidates please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements, referencing "Medical-Psychological Consultant - DC" in the subject line to careers@meleassociates.com.